Online Courses

This is a new venture for me, but I have recorded a short course about cryptography and put it on Udemy, (it’s an online course website).

The Mathematics of Cryptography with Dr James Grime

The course is six hours (or eight hours if you watch the solution videos), and looks at the mathematics of cryptography, starting with traditional pen and paper ciphers, and leading up to Enigma and modern internet encryption.

The course is for non-experts, but people who would be interested in learning a little bit more about the maths of codes and codebreaking. If you are looking for a maths project to do in your spare time, maybe this is it.

Click the link below for a full description. Take your time, have a look at the descriptions and the free previews, and decide whether it is for you.

If you think it is not for you – don’t buy it!

But if you are interested, please use the link below. This is my referral link so this is how they know that I sent you, and I get paid instead of Udemy.

Referral link: The Mathematics of Cryptography with Dr James Grime

The Mathematics of Cryptography